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Landuse and Landcover Mapping

At Terrestrial Aerial Mapping Services we acquire knowledge of the current state of the landscape for Land management and land planning. Terrestrial Aerial Mapping Services understands current land cover and how it is being used, along with an accurate means of monitoring change over time and provide vital information to any person responsible for land management. Measuring current conditions and how they are changing can be easily achieved through land cover mapping, a process that quantifies current land resources into a series of thematic categories, such as forest, water, and paved surfaces. Terrestrial Aerial Mapping Services use remotely sensed imagery and semi-automated classification methods to provide cost-effective and accurate means to derive land resource information and maintain its currency into the future.

More current, accurate, and cost-effective methods for gathering information about landscape change have become available to users in the fields of urban planning, land management, and natural resource conservation.

Land use and landcover mapping
Benefits of Landuse & Landcover

Terrestrial Aerial Mapping Services understands that changes in land use and land cover are regular, rapid, and so can have significant impacts for people, the economy, and the environment. Among the organizations that will benefit from the information derived from land cover solutions are:

  • All government agencies
  • Environment and research organizations
  • Water departments
  • Utility & Engineering firms
  • Forestry organizations
Application areas of Landuse & Landcover

Terrestrial Aerial Mapping Services land cover products and solutions are specifically used for planning land use and thereafter deriving additional thematic layers to support land management applications such as:

  • Complete assessment of vacant and to be developed areas of land
  • Proper quantifications for Stormwater and drainage
  • Urban development planning
  • Impact of pollution on environment
  • Tree canopy calculations
  • Irrigation purpose
  • Planning of recreational spaces
  • Planning of green spaces for various use in a city

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