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GIS (Geographical Information Services)Mapping Services

Unique Photogrammetry Solutions provides complete Geo Spatial solutions to its various customers around the globe. The various GIS services catered by Unique Photogrammetry Solutions help domestic and international clients and governing bodies to have a cutting edge in the market. Our geo spatial services include remote sensing as well as underfloor heating and cooling drafting services.

We offer full range of products and GIS services as far as data management, application development and consulting is concerned. This intern helps our clients in successfully planning, implementing and supporting GIS technology and data at their end. We have a unique blend of highly specialized GIS professionals that have extensive experience in the deployment of Geo Spatial Technology due to their diverse experience areas within GIS industry and community.

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GIS Companies in India

We provide wide range of design services for underfloor heating and cooling, and solar panel drafting services,. The range of services includes remote sensing by assisting its clients in mapping large area of interest with the use of latest satellite images from various sensors and color bands. This intern caters specific client requirement such as mapping, land use and cover, agriculture, soil mapping, forestry, city planning, archaeological investigations, ordnance, geo-morphological surveying etc. Now, for more than a decade, we have been delivering targeted business solutions using the latest information technologies and geo spatial capabilities.

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