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Data Conversion & Migration

Unique Photogrammetry Solutions provides secured Data Conversion and Data Migration services to its numerous clients across the globe. Unique Photogrammetry Solutions helps in the conversion of hardcopy and digital data to GIS models, maintains updated records and ensures secure data migration across various platforms.

Data Conversion

With having good and quality experience in the Geospatial business, Unique Photogrammetry Solutions has successfully completed multiple GIS data conversion projects across the globe. Unique Photogrammetry Solutions is having an unmatched track record of providing a vast array of services to clients worldwide. Our vast experience, coupled with the expertise of the Unique Photogrammetry Solutions team translates into the highest quality of services available. We also have a very good experience in the conversion of hardcopy and digital data to GIS models. This includes land-base models, water and sewerage data models, and gas, electric and telephone data models, using a variety of digital data formats and/or manual records.

Record maintenance

Maintaining accurate and complete data is always an intimidating task for any organization. Through an in-depth process of error identification and reconciliation, we help you maintain the highest possible level of data accuracy at all times.

Data Migration

Due to the regular changes in the Geo Spatial industry, the users regularly face challenges while migrating data from one GIS model to another model. Now in order to keep sync with the variable technologies Unique Photogrammetry Solutions provide a complete solution to its customer at every stage. Data model changes are often necessary for enhanced applications or mergers and acquisitions requiring standardization. Migration may involve upgrading data within the current software or transitioning to a completely new software application. We accept an organization’s GIS data in any format, and process it through our system using automated and interactive migration tools, before finally delivering it back in the specified format.

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