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AutoCAD Classroom Based Training

This course is to provide students with methodologies and specific personal skills that will assist them in developing awareness, acquaintance and understanding of recent advancements in computing technology and software methods which are pertinent to GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry applications. The course is designed to enable the students to effectively build the career in geospatial technology.

Objectives of Course

The trainees will receive information that will enable them to:

  • To impart training in Geoinformatics encircling GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry.
  • To provide training to students with latest technology trends.

Course Delivery Strategy

The course will promote the sharing of relevant technical skills and knowledge through a participatory approach, which will include:

  • Interactive lectures.
  • Group Work.
  • Classroom exercise.
  • Assessments.
  • Discussions.
  • Research.

Course Structure

  • Photogrammetry
  • Introduction to Photogrammetry
  • Aerial Cameras
  • Aerial Photography
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • Photo Interpretation
  • Map Projections
  • Digital Orthophoto
  • GIS
  • Integrating Technology
  • Data Model and Structure
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • Spatial Database
  • Spatial Data Analysis
  • Global Positioning System
  • Remote Sensing
  • Sensors and Platforms of Remote Sensing
  • Microwave Remote Sensing
  • Thermal Remote Sensing
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Image Interpretation and Data used in Remote Sensing
  • Map Scale and Accuracy Standards
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing


  • AutoCAD
  • ArcGIS
  • LPS
  • Terra Solid
  • Q-GIS
  • Microstation
  • Socet Set

Essential Qualification

The qualification for joining the training program is M.Sc. / M. Tech. in Remote Sensing, GIS, Geology, Geography, Physics etc. or Diploma / Degree in Engineering, B.Sc. from recognized universities.

Course Fee Structure

Course Fees for the training - Rs.60, 000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand only).

Note: Trainees who are really unable to pay the course fees can be financed by the bank through Infotech Enterprises which can be paid during the time of their employment.

Course Duration & Schedule

The course will be conducted during three months period and there will be three batches every year as per the schedule of batches given below:

  • January – March
  • May – July
  • September – November
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