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3D Modeling & Meshing

Unique Photogrammetry Solutions 3D modeling from images and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has been an active research area in the photogrammetry, computer vision, and computer graphics communities.

3d Modeling

A comprehensive survey on 3D building modeling& meshing that contains methods from all these fields will be beneficial. This term attempts to survey the state-of-the-art 3D building modeling methods in the areas of photogrammetry, computer vision, and computer graphics. The existing methods are grouped into three categories: 3D reconstruction from images, 3D modeling using range data, and 3D modeling using images and range data. The use of both data for 3D modeling is a sensor fusion approach, in which methods of image-to-LiDAR registration, up sampling, and image-guided segmentation are reviewed. For each category, the key problems are identified and solutions are addressed.

Unique Photogrammetry Solutions 3D modeling & Meshing services Includes
  • TIN generated mesh
  • Image textured modeling
  • Automated building modeling
3d Modeling and Meshing

3d Modeling & Meshing using LiDAR

There many so many automated feature extraction tools for buildings, ridge-lines, canopies and all building relates. We extracted buildings and modeled in 3D along with photography draped using tools in TerraSolid. Below mentioned presentation view is our latest one.


Below mentioned screen shot is the Meshing model with the help of LiDAR classification points as per clients requirement. For this we generate both vector mesh as well as solid model in final delivery.

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